Hany Saber was born in Menia Al Kameh, Sharkia, Egypt on June 6, 1978. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo 2000 with a degree in Graphic design. For several years Hany worked as a professional "Illustrator, Graphic and Interior designer" for many advertising agencies in Cairo, and the last five years as a head of graphic unit at the Library of Alexandria.

With this visual combination of the three  locations where he lived “ the place of birth abutting the countryside in Sharkia, the business and stress life in the capital Cairo, and the inspiration of the open sea in Alexandria, Hany thought of an idea to use the natural elements, colors, craftsmanship, and his profession in art and design in producing an elegant wall art that turns any regular wall into a focal point, and helping his customers in lessening the life  pressure in their surroundings.

During the time, with Allah’s support and nonstop studying the characteristics of colors and materials Hany succeeded in producing successful wall art projects in corporation with  interior and architecture designers for many restaurants, companies, furniture galleries, and hundreds of homes.

Believing in profession, Hany originated “Zakharif Wall Art” an art & design studio for customizing personalize wall art and colour consultant for  those who seek individuality and excellence in all they attain.

Finally Hany always advises his customers to choose an artwork they like to look at, cause it’ll be a part of their everyday surroundings.